Lab Members

Rachel Baitz, MA

I am a PhD candidate in Human Development, Learning, and Culture at the University of British Columbia. My research interests broadly focus on exploring developmental factors that influence the ways in which adolescents and young adults are motivated to engage with digital technology in the context of peer and romantic relationships. Specifically, my current research work investigates how relational problems in young adulthood, such as cyber dating violence and limerence, are related to attachment bonds and early memories of traumatic experiences.

Takara Bond, MA

I am completing my Ph.D in the Human Development, Learning and Culture program at UBC. My research interests include how and why we use social technology and the ways in which it impacts both social-emotional developmental and academics, as well as how we teach about social technology use. My masters research investigated how different social media motivations impact undergraduate students. My doctoral dissertation will build this, focusing on online self-presentation among teacher candidates.

Cassandra Hesse

I am a doctoral student at the University of British Columbia and an advocate for the sexual health and well being of others. My research and expertise focuses on the influence of Internet pornography on young people and parents attitudes in relation to adolescent pornography consumption, as well as the implications of technology on relationships and sexual intercourse. My dream is to promote happiness through positive sexual experiences, and to inspire the uninspired.

Natasha Parent, MA

Natasha is a doctoral candidate in Human Development, Learning, and Culture. She is interested in the factors that influence human development and wellbeing in the modern world. Her current work focuses on adolescents and critically examines how their socio-technological contexts impact their healthy development and everyday lives – this includes the exploration of how things like FOMO and habitual smartphone use impact youth’s wellbeing.

Bowen Xiao, PhD

Bowen Xiao is currently a post-doctoral researcher at The University of British Columbia. She received her Ph.D. from Carleton University. Her general research interests are in the areas of children’s socio-emotional functioning and developmental psychopathology. In particular, she is interested in childhood social withdrawal, and adolescents’ online risks associated with cyberbullying, as well as privacy-related concerns due to the over-disclosure of personal information online.

Claire Hein-Salvi

I am an undergraduate student double majoring in Spanish and Psychology. My research focus includes how social media and body image dissatisfaction are associated. More importantly, I am interested in investigating how body image dissatisfaction can be diminished through various interventions. I hope to complete a master’s degree in human development.