Older Projects

YouthMADE: Media By, For, and About Youth

YouthMADE (Media Arts Diversity Empowerment was a media production, facilitation training and educational outreach project run by the Access to Media Education Society (AMES).  The project was aimed at building capacity for marginalized youth and involved having 20 multi-barriered urban and rural youth between the ages of 15 and 18 came together on a remote island in British Columbia to participate in a 10-day intensive media production training.  Participants self organized into small production teams to create films about racism, homophobia and social isolation.  Each of the YouthMADE videos have since been showcased in a series of youth-facilitated anti-discrimination workshops that have reached over 3300 elementary and secondary students and teachers. These workshops have shown promise as powerful social-emotional/social responsibility educational tools, as well as catalysts for community-based dialogue. This project and its artifacts contribute to an emergent understanding of youths’ media and cultural practices, and highlight the importance of digital story telling for fostering empathy and increasing understanding of diversity.


Instant Messenger as a Tool for Interview Research: Help or Hindrance

Researchers have begun to use e-mail, chat rooms and Instant Messenger to conduct qualitative research with a variety of participants. However, given the absence of previous research on the nature of online interview methods, these studies must simply assume that their methods yield results that are equivalent to those obtained in research employing traditional face-to-face interviews.  The principal objective of this research was to explore the utility of a synchronous medium of online communication for conducting semi-structured research interviews about career and educational aspirations, with adolescent participants.  This research is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanity Council of Canada.